Siemens-Thales install Automatic Train Protection on Spanish high-speed railway

A consortium of Siemens and Thales is to install signalling on Spain’s 126km high-speed railway between Antequera and Granada in a contract worth €210 million from Spanish infrastructure manager ADIF.

Siemens will supply European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 and ASFA automatic train protection systems, jointless track circuits and signals. The company will also upgrade the Cordoba to Malaga route to ETCS Level 2 as part of the project. Other equipment being installed by the consortium includes telecommunication and traffic management systems, in addition to maintenance over a 20-year period.

The new railway will enable direct connections between Granada and Malaga, Cordoba, Seville and Madrid, improving rail links in Andalusia and beyond. Both companies have extensive experience in Spain on its domestic and high-speed rail networks.

Siemens tests ETCS Baseline 3 Onboard in Switzerland

ETCS Baseline 3 was successfully tested by Siemens, SBB and BLS in April. Credit: Siemens

ETCS Baseline 3 was successfully tested by Siemens, SBB and BLS in April. Credit: Siemens

Siemens, Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) and BLS tested European Train Control System (ETCS) Baseline 3 Onboard software functionality betwen April 12 and April 28 using an ETCS Level 2 fitted locomotive uploaded with the latest software for the first time on a commercial railway.

Baseline 3 improves interoperability of equipment and includes the new ETCS Level Limited Supervision mode. This is an important pre-requisite for widespread implementation of ETCS on European Rail Corridors.

The test’s objectives were to prove ETCS Level 2 and Level 1 Limited Supervision operation on the existing network, demonstrate backwards compatibility of Baseline 3 onboard systems with Baseline 2 equipped lines and confirm the stability of Siemens’ Baseline 3 software. All test scenarios were completed successfully, and the inevitable minor changes needed identified for rectification.

The move towards Baseline 3 coincides with a new Technical Standard for Interoperability which will see the present 2.3.0D superceded by the newer software later this year.

Thales and Siemens win Spanish ERTMS contract

A consortium of Thales and Siemens has won a major new contract to supply signalling and train control equipment on a 50km section of the Leon-Asturias high-speed line from Spanish track authority ADIF.

Siemens is set to supply Spain’s national standard ASFA equipment on the 50km section between La Robla and Pola de Lena to allow commercial operation of the route to begin, while Thales will provide European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Level 2 technology to provide for operations at up to 350km/h.

Siemens and Thales both have extensive experience in Spain, with a number of high profile and successful ERTMS installations on the country’s expansive high-speed rail network.